Jess Hendricks is a hard-working, creative, and enthusiastic Software Engineer with strong written and verbal communication skills. Jess is an expert in Swift, Objective-C, and Java. He also has experience in Object-Oriented Design, the Software Development Lifecycle, and Web Application programming. Jess loves to learn, and is constantly seeking new skills and approaches to apply his knowledge in innovative and novel ways. His high level of training and achievement as a composer of Classical Music allows Jess to approach life both artistically and analytically.


  University of Massachusetts College of Information and Computer Sciences

Fall 2013 - Spring 2016 Info
  • Work towards B.S. in Computer Science. 3.729 GPA
  • Course highlights:
    • Artificial Intelligence
      • Project AIComposer: artificial intelligence music composition generator.   Swift, MIDI
    • Software Engineering
      • Project MusicLessonPlanner: A MEAN stack web application for music teachers.   HTML, CSS, Javascript
    • Computer Systems Principles
    • Intro to Computation (Discrete Mathematics)
    • Algorithms
    • Reasoning Under Uncertainty

  University of Miami Frost School of Music

Fall 2007 - Spring 2010 Info
  • DMA Music Composition 3.8 GPA
  • Received a Cognate in Music Technology
  • Worked extensively with music synthesis and Max/MSP.

  University of Tennessee

Fall 2005 - Spring 2007 Info
  • MM in Music Composition 4.0 GPA

  Western Kentucky University

Fall 1991 - Spring 1995 Info
  • BA in Liberal Arts 2.98 GPA


  LeopoldLessonPlanner 1.0.3

For iOS 8 and up (iPad and iPhone) Swift
Leopold Image
  • Scheduling and organization for private music teachers
  • Designed and created this app for iOS devices
  • Implemented utilizing CoreData, Calendar framework, and iCloud syncing
  • Maintained/updated regularly.

  PitchSetCalc 1.2.0

For iOS 7 and up Swift, Objective-C
Leopold Image
  • Atonal pitch set theory calculator
  • Originally coded with Objective-C
  • Updated to Swift after the language was introduced.
Web Application Bootstrap, AngularJS, NodeJS, SQLite
Leopold Image
  • Software Engineering class Project
  • User interface, AngularJS, and HTML
  • Project idea
Website Bootstrap, Javascript, AngularJS, CSS, HTML5
  • Personal website created with Bootstrap and AngularJS highlighting musical achievements and software development.
  • Features a JavaScript music player and Tumblr feed.


Artificial Intelligence Music Composition Swift, MIDI
  • Worked with a project partner to devise algorithms to create music based on existing works by composers such as Bach.
  • Implemented genetic algorithms and fitness functions to create coherent musical works.

  WIP: MusicTheoryTrainer

Mac OS Application Objective-C
Leopold Image
  • A long term pet project, that will eventually drill students in key signatures, chords, scales, etc.
  • In its current form, there is only a key signature drill.
  • Planned features:
    • Student tracking (levels passed, XP, some game-like features)
    • Scale drills
    • Chord drills
    • Aural skills
    • Major refactoring to move logic out of AppDelegate

  Permutation Probability Calculator

Mac OS Application Swift
Leopold Image
  • Permutation Probability Calculator was an extra credit programming assignment for CS-240, Reasoning Under Uncertainty.
  • It runs multiple tests on a set and display the number of possible permutations, average number of collisions, and average probability that a collision does not occur.

  WIP: Markov Chain Music Analysis Tool

Mac OS Application Swift, CoreMIDI
Leopold Image
  • Measures the probablity of chord progressions in tonal music utilizing a Markov Chain..
  • Planned features:
    • Saving progressions
    • Maintaining a list of progressions for specific composer
      • The save file will be of the composer
      • Each composer can have multiple progressions
      • Using roman numerals, it will calculate overall probabilities from the composer's harmonic language
      • * This will likely involve differentiating between major and minor keys.
    • Randomly generated progressions based on Markov chains


Java Application Java
Leopold Image
  • Intro to Algorithms Class Project
  • an exercise in finding an efficient algorithm that takes in a file containing the edges of an undirected graph and finds out if it is two-colorable.


Languages and Frameworks

  Twitter Bootstrap

Development Environments

  Unreal Engine
  Sublime Text and Atom

Other Techonologies and Skills

  OO Programming


  Composer and Software Engineer

Freelance (2005-) Info
  • Music Composition
    • Composed works for orchestra, chamber group, solo, and electoacoustic ensembles.
    • Works have been performed in New York City, Boston, Miami, Duluth, San Francisco, Japan, and others.
    • Notable premieres include:
      • Orpheus for Bassoon, Piano, Percussion, Max/MSP, and Video in Duluth, MN.
      • Paha Sapa for Alto Sax, Piano, Clarinet, and Flute at the Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival.
      • A Short Drive Through the Berkshires for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano in Boston, MA.
    • Recordings are available on
  • Software Engineer (Independent Projects)
    • Two iOS apps (LeopoldLessonPlanner and PitchSetCalc) on the Apple App Store.
    • Several apps for musicians and composers including MarkovAnalyzer(WIP) and MusicTheoryTrainer(WIP)

  Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Technology

Central Connecticut State University(2011-2012) Info
  • Taught Music Theory and Technology classes.
  • The technology classes covered Finale notation software, MIDI technology, and Logic Pro
  • Managed and maintained the computer lab.

  Co-owner and Web Developer

Betwixt Design (1998-2000) Info
  • Created and delivered websites designed using Flash, HTML, and CSS.
  • Composed music for websites, and added audio sound effects.
  • Enhanced the websites with animated effects and vector graphics.